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Lifestory of South korean Singer Lee Ji-Eun

Lifestory of South korean Singer Lee Ji-Eun

Lee Ji-Eun, prominently called IU, is among South Korea’s most prosperous singers and actresses. If you are new to the K-pop and K-drama scene, then it is a great time to update your preference by getting to understand Uaenas’ (IU’s fandom name)”queen” and the “Nation’s Sweetheart.”

IU’s journey from the entertainment sector wasn’t simple for her since there were lots of hindrances across how she was starting to make a name for herself. In the long run, her perseverance paid off, and of course, the soloist is regarded as a contributing angel into the neighborhood amidst the pandemic coronavirus epidemic in South Korea.
IU’s Household was well-to-do. Initially, before her Household Needed a Debt, which went out of control and led to bankruptcy, her parents chose to send IU along with her younger brother for their grandma.

Together with brother, they had no option to reside under grandma’s attention and had to live in a space with cockroaches. They moved to a different relative’s house where the youthful IU had to survive all their verbal abuse. From time to time, comparative would yell at her, frustrated her to practice singing, and ought to go to college instead.

IU needed to sleep with a heavy heart and determined that she will do everything to attain her dream of being a singer. Her grandma did everything she can do to offer the requirements of IU and also her brother, which in conclusion wasn’t sufficient to sustain the everyday needs of their two kids.

An agency tricked her into sending them a massive sum of money so she could begin her coaching and TV look. IU was devastated since the money that has robbed from her was her grandma’s hard-earned money from purchasing accessories.

After all of the trials and tribulations, including auditioning and getting refused by one of the Big 3 bureaus, IU eventually got approved under the management of all LOEN Entertainment. She starred in 2008 with her hit tune “BOO” and “Marshmallow” that she collaborated with pre-debut Zico, who remains a close friend of hers until now.
When IU showcased on the series Healing Camp, she disclosed the reason she did not go to school: she didn’t possess the credentials to do so. The singer’s victory continued to rise, and famous faculty universities in South Korea concurrently offered her entry chances, but she dropped all of them.

In 2015, reports stated the singer contributed $100,000 to a charity and also decided not to announce it. But due to her unbelievable deed, the media didn’t miss the chance to show the world how IU remains the woman she’s when she’d say nothing. She sent four students from her high school alma mater to school and financed them with her scholarship app.

IU also contributed books to her previous college’s library and donated cash to support the college fund for instructional purposes. Just lately, due to the coronavirus outbreak in South Korea, IU contributed to different welfare centers that will help contain the virus, and she’s donated funds for gear that will be employed by the health care staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How old is IU kpop?

26 years old

Q2: What languages can “iu” kpop speak?

Japanese and Korean

Q3: How much money does IU make?

IU Athletics reported a record $123 million in Earnings in 2018. IU had earnings of $123 million in 2018 financial year — an all-time large in One-year and is over twice what the section reported in 2009.